The Legacy of Cyberculture

I’m delighted to announce next week’s paper by Zara Dinnen on the legacy of cyberculture (see below for full details). Zara has also recent published a fascinating article called ‘Androids in the Academy’ in the open access journal Alluvium, which looks at – among other things – the iphone’s voice recognition software, ‘Siri’. You can read the article here.

Wednesday 31st October, 4.00pm – 5.15pm
Wells Street, room 106
Zara Dinnen (Birkbeck College, University of London)
Did we Miss it? The Legacy of Cyberculture in Contemporary Representations of Digital Technology

Abstract: It seems today the watchword of the contemporary is augmented reality not virtual reality. As we move toward an increasingly ubiquitous digital culture, are we able to begin to historicise late twentieth century projections for a digital future? This talk will discuss how cyberculture might be perceived as being of a distinct technocultural moment, and the ways that might matter for approaches to our digital present.

All welcome, Please send me an email ( to reserve a seat.

Best wishes,

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